Adventures in Breathing

Once again I followed my mentor, Charyl Ozkaya, into another realm of healing arts called The Breathing Connection Workshop. I always feel a little apprehension, but trust that I will be enchanted by her joyous loving energy.  Our friendship began as a chance meeting in Islip airport more than 13 years ago, though she says, nothing is chance. I immediately signed up for a Reiki course with her and went on to become a Reiki Master. Since then I have studied Light Language, Akashic Records and gotten my EFT (Emotional Healing Technique) certification from her Inner Healing Arts program. Charyl has studied and taught all over the world with renowned energy healers and has much to share.

I have always been fascinated by energy and it’s unknown capabilities. Reiki was my leap of faith into the universal swirl. It broke down so many of my walls of self consciousness, worry and structure and enhanced my spiritual journey. The latest breathing exercise released even more tension and constriction. It opened my lungs, chest and mind. Though I have been studying breathing exercises through yoga and Tai Chi, this was totally different. Three of my buddies plus more women and one courageous man, joined in exploring this realm at the office of Susan LaSorsa.

These techniques release blockages in the body’s energy system. They infuse waves of oxygen that can also assist with emotional issues. The session created tingling in my hands and feet. Some saw swirls of colors, others images, but all agreed it was wonderful to experience. Being mindful of the life source for our bodies was the biggest benefit. Instead of breathing with just the chest or belly or shallow panting, you are reminded to breathe deep to nourish yourself. The breath is the one thing that you cannot do without for more than several minutes so it becomes the most important function for your body.

The process was relaxing and energizing at the same time. It ended with a meditation, soft music and affirmations. I always leave Charyl’s classes feeling nourished and healed. I love that I keep pushing my boundaries of thinking and feeling, whenever I take one of her classes.

Energy healing is gaining momentum in all areas of our society. Reiki is used in hospitals especially during operations. EFT is being studied by the government for PTSD recovery and by many licensed practitioners of mental health. My Physician’s Assistant expressed interest in learning EFT because he said medicine has to move more toward incorporating natural healing. Everything in the universe and beyond is composed of energy, which means there is so much more to explore!

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