Surrounded by Goddesses

Dr. Christiane Northrup is an ob/gyn, best selling author and “visionary pioneer” of the mind, body, emotions and spirit connection.  In her book, “Goddesses Never Age”, she describes how to keep joy in your life and defy aging. I am currently navigating through her “Fourteen Day, Ageless Goddess Program”, outlined in her book.  Day one’s affirmation is ” I am eternally youthful and vibrant”.  She further states, “don’t act your age, in fact, don’t even think about it”.

That sounds pretty good to me. My 98 year old mother said that she still feels like 17 inside. That was pretty evident as she strolled around in her assisted living home, sounding the horn on her walker to announce her entrance or clear a path. Sometimes she blocks the path of an oncoming friend with her walker, just to provoke a giggle.

Making fun of myself has always been part of my sense of humor, including age jokes, so that needed some adjustment. I will have to drum up some new material. Another message for day one is “Be aware of your self-talk and make sure it supports agelessness”, another challenge. I was always very self conscious and mindful of the opinions of others. This would then turn to self criticism and self correction before becoming the imagined subject of other people. By becoming a Goddess, I wouldn’t have to worry about that any more.

Last week I was visited by another ageless Goddess. Aunt Ruth, my mother’s younger sister (92) came from California to spend some time with Mom. I don’t think Aunt Ruth would ever consider herself a Goddess but she fits the definition offered by Dr. Northrup and is a Goddess in my eyes. Her gait is as spry as a 40 year old and the twinkle in her eye is timeless. We laughed all week as we ferried back and forth to Mom’s place and visited old friends.

Aunt Ruth and Uncle Bill (former NYFD) retired young and traveled the world, much of it in an Air Stream trailer. They made friends everywhere they went, many of them lifelong. They embraced food and culture as an art form. She and Uncle Bill traveled through Europe for six months in a VW bus caravan. They ran a KOA campground in Virginia. They sold Christmas trees in Las Vegas. Aunt Ruth sorted vitamin pills from a conveyor belt in a factory like Lucy Ricardo with the chocolates. I may have told that story before, but it always makes me chuckle and Goddesses love to laugh!

Unfortunately, Uncle Bill passed on to travel beyond earthly realms but Aunt Ruth still has some destinations to conquer. Recently, she took a river cruise, visiting the Netherlands and several other countries. The year before, it was Hawaii and Russia. She volunteers at her Church thrift store, laughs often and is open to all life still has to offer. She broke the traditional female mold in our family and made it appear so much more fun.

Day two of the program is for pure pleasure and fun.  You can’t find fault with that. This program rocks. Day three focuses on the mind/body connection and finding a balance between rest, eating well and exercise. I can’t wait for day four. I love being a Goddess in training.

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