Earth’s Oils

For about a year and some, I have been experimenting with essential oils and having such fun. Though intimidated at first to apply what I was learning, my friend Jane Smith, yes that is her real name, would encourage me to dive into this natural, healthy world. My first exposure was Jane’s invitation to a DoTerra party. It was so amazing. We were slathered with the most amazing scents and offered lots of uses for each oil. The practical application of them blew me away. Lemon and lavender are wonder products for everything, including cleaning, calming and healing.

Jane and her two DoTerra partners, Sherry and Pat hold regular introduction classes as well as crafty applications for the oils. They supplied everything, including food cooked with oils by gourmet Jane. It was delicious fun as we gobbled first and then made various air fresheners, roll on concoctions and hand scrubs to name a few.

I have been emboldened by their guidance and love the applications. One of my go to oils is a digestion blend called Digest-zen. It has provided me lots of relief, especially through the over indulging holidays.  Another is a drop or two of lemon in my water first thing in the morning. That accomplishes the inside cleaning. Then I spray my counter tops with a mixture of lemon, white vinegar and water and lastly add it to the laundry. Next, lavender gets rubbed into my scalp for dry itchiness or dropped into a soaking bath. I also put a few drops into an oil locket necklace. The lovely scent reminds me to relax and keeps me grounded. Frankincense is a cure-all, that gets applied to the bottom of my feet each day. There are numerous tests being done on this miracle oil’s ability for fighting cancer cells. Then I go blissfully to sleep with lavender and Serenity blend. This is just the tip of my Pandora’s box of lovely oils.

Jane’s cooking experiments have lately empowered me to add a few drops here and there. The first was in a smoothie and then a fabulous Finnish Easter bread with cardamom, orange and lemon drops. I know that this is just the culinary beginning. Thanks to my wonderful friends, I have new life enhancing natural ingredients in my medicine chest and pantry. As a bonus, the eco-consciousness of the company and its global responsiveness to all its workers and their communities is life affirming.

The oils are a gift from the earth and my friend Jane.  What could be more timely!

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