Quantum Leap

Have you seen the You Tube Scottish video, which shows a young man dancing with residents at an old folks home? They come alive and begin to laugh and have fun. I intend to be in a future video when I am 90 years old, teaching dancing at the old folks home. I fully expect my Mom at 120, will be there and taking the lessons. Learning about how to make my body and mind more active and healthy is my passion. I recently watched a series of free videos from HayHouse.com that explained how to do just that and boy am I excited!!

The first one is by Bruce H. Lipton, PhD. It is called Break Through the Barrier of Belief, Unlocking the Science Behind Health and Happiness. Dr. Lipton is a scientist who was at the forefront of discovering that we are not solely products of our genetic make up. We are what we think and that is what programs our brains and bodies. We do not have to be at the mercy of our heredity, such as inheriting family traits of bad hearts or high cholesterol.

Another free video by Hay House is by Dr. Joe Dispenza, titled, Training Your Brain to Create the Life You Want. He too, is a scientist with tremendous credentials. Both doctors have written several books and have lectured all over the world. They are able to break down their discoveries and ideas in a clear, absorbable manner.

There is a drumbeat of information getting louder by the day, about how we are in charge of our destiny. That is pretty exciting information. We have the power to heal our bodies by changing our perceptions. I love being in charge of my health, instead of placing it in the hands of pharmaceuticals. Though it is easier in the short run, to fall back on old tunes and tapes in our heads, the impact of that may negatively affect the rest of our lives.

Negative thoughts can be debilitating, sending messages to the brain and the universe. This energy begins affirming those thoughts to make them real. The body reacts to fight or flight mode, by interfering with the normal process of healing. This may eventually wear down the body, setting it up for disease. By becoming aware of negative thinking and knee jerk reactions to these thoughts, you can begin to reprogram your mind and body to heal itself. How powerful is that!

According to Dr. Kim D’Eramo, who wrote  The Mind, Body Tool Kit, 85-95% of emergency room patients’ problems don’t have primary organic causes, such as broken bones, but are emotionally based diseases. She states that traditionally trained doctors are not educated to treat these types of diseases.

Modifications in eating and nutrition, stress reduction and mindfulness seem to be the most effective in healing these diseases. I know personally that this was the only prescription that eliminated my symptoms. Trooping from doctor to doctor, did not and I intend to go dancing into the good night..


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