Still Tapping! Hear The Rhythm?

This week, I managed to tune into several of the audio presentations on the Tapping World Summit for Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), on with Nick and Jessica Ortner. Each year, they have a free series and this was the first that I had experienced. As I learn more about this medium, I have found out that many of the authors of self empowerment books that I have read, utilize this practice.

Each EFT audio session, that I have read or listened to so far, has put its own spin on the practice, which means that there are no hard and fast rules to apply to make it work. This practice has had success on many levels, including health, emotions, past traumas, financial worries, anxiety, and relationships. The unifying actions are digging into what is troubling you, identifying it, facing the truth, tapping and accepting yourself, easy peasy!

Cheryl Richardson’s audio session, “Navigating Change: Embracing the Ups and Downs of Life Through Tapping,” was very enlightening. She has a book that is soon to be published, titled The Heroes Journey. Boiling it down into a sound bite, when you are in a depression or shock in your life from a death, loss or challenging change, there is a descent into a period of not knowing. One may feel lost and unable to see or feel the future. For a while there is the mystery of how it will resolve itself and finally the ascent. She said we all have experienced that Hero’s Journey, many times over. During this journey, you can use tapping to ease the discomfort by giving voice to it. Admit the truth and the fear in all its glory.

The process that seems to work is to tap several rounds where you identify all the issues troubling you. It may even be good things happening, but are causing stress and tension. You make a statement to start; “Even though, I hate my job, life, husband, wife, clothes, house”…..fill in the blank or “Even though, I am nervous about getting married, having a baby, getting the job I love; I am nervous, upset, sick…..”, then affirm, “I deeply and completely love and approve of myself.” The next several rounds of tapping involve positive affirmations. You can even toggle back and forth between positive and negative emotions.

As I tapped along with the different presenters, I immediately felt relaxed and relief in just several minutes time. The pain in my shoulder faded. My life is in a good transition of change, where I am having more time for myself in my retirement. Though it is a positive life experience, the tension that I hold in my back/shoulder, which I call my luggage, is no fun. Trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life is a serious matter. At least that is how I approach it. Hence, my new found hobbies and tap, tap, tapping. Maybe I will give dance lessons a try!


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