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Reiki is an ancient healing energy that was thought to have originated in Tibet thousands of years ago and was reinvented in Japan a century ago by Dr. Mikao Usui. It is well known that energy exists all around us and in our bodies. Reiki channels this energy for stress reduction and healing. I have always been enamored with the idea of energy flowing all around us and through our bodies.

By “coincidence”, I met a lady, Charyl Ozkaya from Westhampton, NY (, in an airport a decade ago.  As we talked about our shared destination and professions, she divulged that she was a Reiki Master. I was instantly connected to her and committed to taking a class with her for a Reiki Level I. She was also a masseuse and conducted Reiki circles each week. Just being in her presence, my stress level dropped.

The classes were amazing and opened up a world of peace and healing. The energy was palpable as the class participants practiced on each other. Some of the concepts seemed alien at first, but I was all in with the energy. As we practiced, my hands would heat up from the energy flow. After several weeks of classes and practice sessions, we graduated as Reiki Level I practitioners.

Over the next months, I continued onto the next levels. I experienced increased energy flow and excitement from learning how to use this healing for myself, my family and pets. I learned how to send this healing and would let my daughters know when I was sending them healing lights. It was a very powerful feeling to know that I could impact the healing of others. Eventually, I received my Master level, which allows me to teach.

I began conducting my own Reiki circles at the Blue Point Wellness Center, now known as Serenity Source Spa. I met wonderful people and led them in meditation and Reiki healing. My practice also involved private sessions at the Wellness Center. When my grandson was born, I volunteered to be his babysitter and took a sabbatical from my practice. My grandson loves when I do Reiki on him. He instantly relaxes, which for a super active child, is a good thing. When my granddaughter was born, it was icing on the cake with two little bodies to work on.

In the last decade Reiki has gotten more recognition and is being used in many hospitals and adult homes. It has been found to increase healing and recovery after operations. In nursing homes, it has a calming affect on seniors. Reiki is a great addition to one’s arsenal for natural healing.


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