A few weeks after I started meeting with my nutritionist, Ann Marie DiGregorio, fate again stepped in with an opportunity to try an Acupuncturist at the Serenity Source Wellness Center. I have been going there for many years for massages and Chiropractic adjustments with Dr. Anthony Pusateri. The Doc helped alleviate many problems with my back and shoulders and he put me on the path to better health.

I wanted to avail myself of all the natural help that I could get and hopefully make faster progress, so I started treatment with Rory Crouse.  My team of healers was growing. I immediately knew that I made the right choice. Rory’s knowledge was astounding and I felt as if he could see right into my body and soul. With my permission, he and Ann Marie consulted and complemented each other in their treatments and recommendations.

I had never experienced acupuncture and was immediately fascinated with the ancient healing method.  Rory’s demeanor was so professional, concerned and calm, that I instantly felt better, just walking into his office. His sense of needle humor instantly resonated with me, as there is nothing like laughter for healing. It has been almost a year since I first experienced acupuncture and I am still in wonderment of Rory’s knowledge and ability to relieve budding problems.

I felt as if I was being guided on this path to healing. So many wonderful healers were seemingly placed right in front of me. Though formerly not a disbeliever in Angels, my attitude was changing as I truly felt my prayers for healing were being answered.

For the last six years, I had been happily watching my Grandkids.  However, I was about to become an empty nester, when my youngest went to kindergarten. With more time presenting itself to me, I began to question what the next phase of my life would bring.

My guidance felt so strong that I read, Doreen Virtue’s, Angels of Abundance. Her knowledge and contact with angels became irrefutable to me. I consulted her Archangel Oracle Cards, to learn more about angels. Out of 45 angel cards, the same messages kept appearing as I selected several cards each week, looking for answers.

Several cards that appeared over and over were Archangel Zadkiel’s Teaching and Learning, Archangel Chamuel’s Career Transition, Archangel Gabriel’s Creative Writing and Archangel Jophiel’s Patience.  About the fourth time in a row that I picked Teaching and Learning,  Creative Writing and Career Change, I said out loud, “I hear you.” I had chills and tears. The more that I open my heart and mind, the more blessings that seem to be rolling in and the healthier I become. Each day is so exciting!


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