Jack of All Trades…

So, I was telling my mother that I signed up for a cheese making class at the library and her response was “great, are you getting a goat?” We laughed when she said it, but there was more than a kernel of truth in her response. I have a tendency to jump into the wine barrel of life, with both feet. I tend to stomp around extracting every bit of essence that I can from my latest endeavor, and then move on. My husband is very supportive and my family  very patient.  Often times, they are actually eager to hear of my latest passion, but they know there is probably more coming.

I tended to see that as my shortcoming, until I read in the preface of Louise Hay’s book, Loving Yourself to Great Health, “I have always loved learning new things, and I believe that every hand that touches me is a healing hand. In this way, I have found many wonderful people doing extremely good work, and I often like to share what I’ve learned from them with the rest of the world.” Ping, that statement resonated with my love of learning and sharing. I realized that I don’t have to be a Master of anything, as long as I glean something positive, retain something and pass it along.

Up to this point in my life, I have tried to play the piano and guitar (at which I am still picking), studied writing and distributed a Good Newsletter to work mates, became a Reiki Master, dabbled at learning French and Spanish and sold customized vitamin supplements, to name a few. I am currently using and learning about essential oils, making Kombucha, growing sprouts, taking a Tai Chi class at the library, practicing yoga, walking with my husband and riding my bike. You can see why there might be a lot of eye rolling whenever I start a new project.

My theme has always involved, self-improvement, creative outlets and healthy ideas that I love to share. All of these seem to go hand in hand for me. When I am tapping into all of these, I am the healthiest, mentally and physically.  It isn’t always easy to figure out what makes us tick, but I believe it is worth the effort, in order to live fulfilled, healthy, lives. Tennis anyone?


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