Your Intentions Create Your Experience

Your intentions create your experience, according to Doreen Virtue in her book, Healing With The Angels. That seems to be true of the women in my Mother’s family. Grandma, healing and cooking, Mom, crafting, baking and taking care of people and Aunt Ruth, traveling and collecting friends and recipes. My three other Aunts lives followed their different paths.

Aunt Laura, the oldest, was nomadic. She moved almost every year with her husband and two kids in tow. According to family tales, she could not resist an advertisement for a free month’s rent, which must have been a common occurrence in the boroughs of NYC. At the end of their lease, my Uncle would frequently leave for work with a note indicating his new address. The packing, moving, cleaning and setting up would be taken care of by Aunt Laura. Her large extended family provided strong backs for the heavy lifting. As she got older, she finally settled down and bought a house on Long Island in Cutchogue.  This move was with her second husband, who perhaps had more influence over her migratory tendencies.

Aunt Martine (Tina) was born to move too, but her motion was predominantly in her automobiles. She was always in motion and frequently wore out the tires and engine before her car was paid for. Perhaps, she also had an intention to be married to a man named Harold, as she did that twice. She commuted daily from Connecticut to NYC to drop off Uncle Harold at work.  Then she would either go back home, or continue out to Long Island to visit her sisters and brothers who were spread out in different towns. At the end of the day, she returned to pick up Uncle Harold and head back to Connecticut.

Aunt Tina loved people, laughing, parties and high heels. She was never without her heels and dressed for a party. My Mother said that Aunt Tina’s leg muscles were so affected from wearing heels that she was in pain walking without them.

Aunt Margaret (Marge)’s intention must have been to be rich and she accomplished that. She excelled at selecting stocks and bonds.  She was prudent with her spending and when she was young, bought a car with saved pennies. She religiously watched the ticker tapes from the financial program, along with The Louis Rukeyser’s show. Evidently she was a good student because she parlayed her modest income into millions.

Aunt Marge’s other passion was having a mate. She accomplished this many times, but unfortunately her five husbands predeceased her and none of the unions produced children. After an appropriate period of mourning, she would begin a search for a replacement. In her eighties she finally gave up and lived alone and thankfully her fortune took care of her quite comfortably.

Each of the sisters and Grandma were truly superwomen. I absorbed wisdom and joy from each of them. Though Mom and Aunt Ruth are the only living sisters, the others have left their legacy on the rest of the family. Aunt Ruth’s recent visit from California, disclosed that Grandma’s healing muse was Dr. Henry Lindlahr, a groundbreaking, naturopathic practitioner. Grandma’s inquisitive mind ultimately paved the way for my passion for natural healing.

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