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New Year’s Eve is not a raucous event in our neck of the woods. We do celebrate with a special meal and toast to the new year, but that is about it. In the last decade, we have not seen the ball fall or banged a pot at the stroke of midnight. At 99 years … Continue reading NEW YEAR!

Dublin Bound

The rain did eventually come. In and out like a ghost.  Appearing and then disappearing behind glorious sun. It howled in on our trip to the Charles Fort in Kinsale, so much so that we were barred from visiting. This disappointment quickly vanished when we walked to Desmond Castle, also known as the French Prison. … Continue reading Dublin Bound

Ireland Dreaming

They say that laughter is the best medicine and if it is true, then the Irish or at least the Irish tour guides, must be the healthiest people on the planet.  Aonghus Weber was our physician on the GoAhead tour. He kept us laughing from the time we stepped onto the bus, until we bid … Continue reading Ireland Dreaming

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